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PACA Foods: Experts In Dry Food Blending!

Providing Turnkey Solutions

PACA Foods: Experts In Dry Food Blending & Packaging.

PACA blends a wide variety of dry food products including:

    • Beverage Mixers
    • Frozen Deserts (Frappes, Ice Cream, etc)
    • Health Related
    • Seasonings
    • Marinades
    • Sauces, Soups & Gravies
    • Breading, Batter, and more!

PACA’s  high-quality equipment, modern facilities and unparalleled expertise gives your business a stronger advantage when it comes to developing and bringing your product to market across a wide range of industries.

PACA’s Packaging and Product Development experience enables your company to jump start a project and skip any learning curve. PACA keeps abreast in tastes and trends which is a requirement in today’s ever changing food industry..

PACA Foods is an experienced private label, dry blending  and packaging company.

Turn to PACA Foods for all of your custom dry blending and ingredients packaging needs. Contact PACA Foods at 800-388-7419 now.

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