Avoiding Food Allergies Through Dry-Blending

Food allergy awareness has increased significantly over the past few-years. Allergy awareness has both expanded beyond nuts and milk and has become an interesting sub-market of the agriculture market, leading to creativity in cooking and community formation, especially for those with celiac disease who live gluten-free lives. Even with the improvements in awareness however, the scientific community is not where it should be in terms of funding for research on allergic reactions. The funding for this research is typically dedicated to finding cures for food allergies rather than than investigating the causes of the allergic reactions.
Gut bacteria is also of increasing interest amongst researchers as these gut bacteria play a role in explaining why some people develop food allergies. For example, the gut flora, which is the community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of humans and other animals and insects, is analyzed to understand celiac disease. The gut flora of those with celiac disease is different from people without CD. The development of CD can come from genetic disposition, but CD is not guaranteed. Depending on when an individual is exposed to gluten within their diet can play a role in whether or not a person has CD.
And while awareness and research for allergic reactions are both increasing, some of us have very specific diet restrictions. Even goods that are carefully manufactured can cause an allergic reaction. Dry-blending foods is way to circumvent allergic reactions, however. When a food or product is dry-blended, an individual can decide how much or how little of an ingredient should go into their meal. Less processing also allows for a more raw form of any product, which allows for greater nutrient intake. They also can choose whether an ingredient should be included in their meal at all. For those with very specific diets, dry-blending is an excellent option both within the private and corporate sectors.
If an individual or company is looking for more simple options in their food-preparation for those of specific diets, dry-blended foods is certainly a viable option.