Developing Your Own Food Product: From Conceptualization To Finished Product

There is a great deal that goes into product development, especially when it comes to food manufacturing, packaging and distribution. A company that is looking to develop a new food product for the first time will probably have countless questions concerning the process. They must not only consider the concept, and how to transform the concept into an actual developmental process, but also how best to package it as well as the logistics aspect of distribution.

Fortunately, there is a viable option that will help you from conceptualization, through to the packaging and shipping aspects of the finished food product. PACA Foods provides full turnkey operations for food brands that include the following components:

• Product Development
• Quality Control Testing
• Customized R & D Services
• Extensive packaging options
• Competitive Freight Rates
• Annual 3rd Party Quality Audits

Custom Dry Blending & the Development Process

Working with a custom dry blending company like PACA Foods will allow you to have access to years of product development experience, thus avoiding many of the first-time process pitfalls associated with product development. The PACA Foods research and development (R&D) team will sit down with you to determine exactly what you’re looking to accomplish.

Through a process that is underwritten by exceptional communication and attention to detail, PACA Foods will walk you step-by-step through the development process. Whether the product in question is a new seasoning blend or a new fried fish breading, PACA Foods has the experience and expertise to handle the task at hand.

Proper Equipment and Facility

Working with PACA Foods will also help you save a significant amount of money during the development process. This is because PACA Foods possesses the state-of-the-art equipment, space, and personnel necessary to bring your new product to fruition.

Considering All of the Factors

An expert dry blending company like PACA Foods will have the knowledge to answer all of the complex questions that arise during the initial phase of the development process. We will provide solutions for specific needs such as storage, shelf life, and logistics. The PACA team is also extremely proactive during the development process — keeping the you informed the entire way.

Quality Assurance

No matter what type of food product you are seeking to develop, quality should be a primary concern. PACA Foods is constantly working on meeting the highest quality standards possible in the food industry. We are Safe Quality Food (SQF) level II certified. SQF is a food management system that promotes food safety. It is the one and only recognized scheme by Global Food Safety Initiative that is recognized worldwide by retailers and service providers who must rely on credible food safety management systems for their food manufacturing.

Packaging and Shipping

The product development process is not over once the product is finished. The product has to be packaged and prepared for shipping. PACA Foods will also handle the packaging of the product. Once again, this will save you money because you will not have to allocate funds on equipment and staff to fulfill the packaging and shipping process.

If you already have packaging designed, most often you will simply have to provide the design and dimensions to us. If you do not have a design, our product development team will work with you to develop one. Packaging plays a major role as far as marketing and branding is concerned, and we understand what it takes to take a product to market successfully.

Developing a new food product does not have to be an experience full of uncertainty. Working with PACA Foods will provide your company the opportunity to producing the highest-quality product. Contact us today to discuss the development of your food product.