Guiding Your Life: Why Health is a Direction

When we think of healthy living, the first words that come to mind may be time, effort, and money. Like any endeavor that has some desirable end result, work is ultimately at the core of that success. However, too often we think of all the work that must be done with a sense of urgency rather than in bite-sized pieces. Food puns aside, maintaining a well-balanced and healthy life is the same way. We might think of healthy living as something unattainable, expensive, or time consuming. Again, healthy living requires some work, but not as much as we initially think.

Instead of thinking of healthy living or a healthy body as an immediate goal, think of how you can do it daily. Daily is a relevant answer, too. What is your daily requirement? Do an assessment of yourself: where does your physical state stand? Are you fit enough to do a 5, 10, 15, or 30 minute run? How long? How fast? How many sets of 10-reps can you do? How much weight? You won’t know until you try.

Ultimately, health is a combination of your daily choices. Choosing to exercise, eat right, and think positively all work off each other. Healthy habits may seem like a common idea, but that’s because there’s an ultimate truth in making right choices: it points your life in the right direction. Chocolate by itself is not bad, but a constant and daily intake of sweets is directing your life in a poor direction. Remember, it is the total sum of all your daily choices that take you in a healthy direction, not necessarily rare and isolated instances.

So remember: living is about the healthy combination of bite-sized pieces.