What are the ingredients of a successful food business?

Is your company relevant? Sustainable? Important? Ask yourself these questions daily. Relevance, sustainability, and importance is not just for now, but for years to come. If your business is simply established off fads, trends, or fuming, volatile hype, chances are your business won’t last. Creating a product for a short-lasting niche market is unlikely to be relevant or even important. Finding a way to help people live happy and healthy lifestyles is forever relevant.

“5 C’s of of modern branding”

In what can be considered the “5 C’s of of modern branding”, these five aspects are important for any and every business, but can especially be applied to those pertaining to food and agriculture.


The first “C” is the Concept, which is the story that your brand is telling. Is your business home-grown? A legacy? Both? Make sure you’re telling a story both in your product and on your packaging. Something that is tangible is definite. And if something is definite, it has a personality and, therefore, easier to understand.


Next is Content, which is complementary to your Concept. All the content that is packaged with your brand image is what brings life to the story rather than the Concept simply being some story or anything else that lacks a particular, definite vitality.


Connection is important to take Concept and Content and bring them to the consumer. Of course, connecting with consumers happens on two levels: rational and emotional. Your product should be a rationally good decision (e.g. price, quantity, quality) along with an emotionally appealing experience (e.g. packaging, colors, story, etc…).


Once you’ve made the Connection of your Concept and Content with your Consumer, you are able to successfully create a Community. This is your fan-base and people who will cheer you on as you continue to grow your business, which of course means more delicious product coming their way.


Perhaps the most important aspect in all of this however is the idea of Continuity. Wherever your company logo, message, or story appears, it has to be consistent. Your business practices on your boxes or packaging must align with what happens in the media. If your in-store business practices are receptive, helpful, interactive, and fresh but your social media accounts are obscure or non-existent, then you know you are lacking continuity in your business. Just as people are fed physically, they enjoy being fed emotionally and have nutrition information that they can chew on.
Whatever your business, make sure you’re consistent, persistent, and definite in your product and practice. Above all, be relevant and do good for your customers.

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