PACA Foods Hurricane Preparation

To our valued customers and vendors:

As hurricane Irma moves through the Caribbean on a track for Florida, PACA has been busy maintaining our production as well as implementing our Hurricane Readiness Plan. Ensuring the safety and welfare of our associates and their families is our top priority. So too is protecting our plant and its contents. In order to fulfill these priorities, PACA is planning to cease all production at end of business Friday (September 8th).

The magnitude of this hurricane (size and strength) is unprecedented and it is expected that there will be significant damage in Florida. At the time of this writing, the actual path of the storm is unknown. While the rain and wind is expected to pass by Tampa on Tuesday (regardless of the path), PACA is not expecting to resume production before Thursday (September 14th). Additionally, there will be no deliveries accepted from Friday (Sept 8) – Thursday (Sept 14).

Please know we will endeavor to resume operations as rapidly as possible and we will provide an update as soon as we are able.

From Friday pm until Wednesday am, if you should try to reach our office and the phone number is not working, please call 407.257.1010.

Thank you for your business and for your understanding.

Michael Shepardson President and CEO