PACA Foods: Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute and the Relationship to GFSI

The Role of Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute and the Relationship to GFSI

When it comes to food quality and safety, standards are extremely high. Consumers today are more educated than ever before. Retailers and food service providers must demand documentation and verifiable proof that the food they are selling has been handled correctly and food safety controls have been effectively implemented. The validation process for these systems must always be the number one consideration for any food service company or food supplier.

The Safe Quality Food Institute exists to ensure the proper procedures and food management mechanisms are in place so that consumers can receive the information they demand about the food they bring to their families. This accountability is a rigorous process and it is important for companies in the food manufacturing business to be well informed of the role of SQF and how these systems will impact a business’s workflow.

What is the Safe Quality Food Institute?

Safe Quality Food (SQF) is a food management system that promotes food safety. It is the one and only recognized schemes by Global Food Safety Initiative that is recognized worldwide by retailers and service providers who must rely on credible food safety management systems for their food manufacturing. SQF is recognized by the GFSI and serves as the bridge between production certification and food manufacturing and agent/broker management certification.

The SQF is administered by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and is exemplary in the continual collection of retailer feedback regarding the concerns of the consumers. Because of these continual efforts, the SQF certified suppliers are highly regarded in the industry and therefore maintain a competitive advantage.

By understanding the Mission and Vision of the SQF Institute, companies can easily see why it would be important to align themselves with organizations that maintain these high standards and rigorous certifications.

The Mission of The Safe Quality Food Institute: To deliver consistent, globally-recognized food safety and quality certification programs based on sound scientific principles, consistently applied across all industry sectors, and valued by all stakeholders.

The Vision of Safe Quality Food Institute: To be the single most trusted source for global food safety and quality certification.

PACA Foods is Level 2 SQF Certified

As SQF is a GFSI recognized scheme for production of Food Packaging, this is a great milestone for PACA and a great value-add for our clients. The certification further shows that PACA Foods produces the best quality of food products for our customers, and offers the assurance to the companies we work with the they are in the hands of experts in the dry-blending and co-packing/co-manufacturing service industry.

PACA Foods is dedicated to being a leader in the blending and co-packing industry by maintaining a high level of food quality control with SQF and GFSI certifications. PACA Food’s buyers and customers can be assured that their food product has been produced, processed and handled according to the highest standards, both nationally and internationally.

PACA Foods is a food-product manufacturer established in 1991. We specialize in dry-blending food products such as flour, spices, nutrients, sauces, beverage mixes, sugar-based products, etc. Our top quality products are privately-labeled and custom-produced for food service, retail and industrial customers. All of our products are organic certified and kosher approved as well. If you are looking for a food product blending or co-packing company that is certified by GFSI and SQF, contact PACA Foods today.