Private Label Food Trends To Watch For

With the appearance, quality, and selection of private label foods continuing to improve and shoppers trying to eat healthy on a budget, Food Product Design predicts that the sales of private label food and beverages will reach $122 billion by the end of 2018. However, this does not mean that the private label sector is not considering significant changes in an effort to stay on top of consumer needs and wants. The following looks at the latest trends you can expect to see in private label packaging.

Sustainability is crucial and will become an important aspect of private label packaging.

In today’s world, consumers are concerned about the environment. That is why you can expect to see private labels opting for sustainable packaging or packages that are highly recyclable. When packaging initially changes, you can expect to see an explanation as to how the new design supports sustainability on the label, with facts and figures, if available.

In addition, private label packaging that is constructed from recycled or consumer waste materials will clearly print this fact on their label. This is simply another way of ensuring consumers they are using products that are environmentally friendly.

Functionality will also be considered.

You can expect to see packaging that is designed to be convenient and easy to carry, in an effort to attract more urban consumers. Shrink sleeves are becoming increasingly popular because they result in a container that is a lightweight and easy to store by getting rid of the need for outer packaging. Along, the same lines, packaging will be designed for sturdiness.

Private labels will begin to embrace the digital world.

Today more and more consumers are turning to their mobile devices for online shopping. As a result, brands will want to be certain their labels stand out. Clean labels with bold, easy to read text will become more common because they are easier to see on a small screen.

Packaging that is visually appealing will also be on the upswing thanks to consumers who frequently photograph themselves while cooking or eating and post it on Snapchat and instagram. Companies know that the more appealing the packaging is, the greater its chances are of being included in a photo. Of course, a photo is nothing more than free advertising.

As consumers continue to make a move toward healthier foods, private labels will adapt to this trend.

Shoppers are progressively becoming more concerned with what they are eating. As a result, labels will begin to prominently feature claims including low/ reduced/ no fat, organic, and made with natural ingredients. In addition, private label products will make certain ingredients that are instantly recognizable as good for you are very easy to read.

At the same time, you can anticipate seeing more premium products being made available, as consumers, particularly those in the older generation, have voiced concern that this is something that private labels are often lacking. Vegetarian products, non GMO, and organic foods will begin to increase.

At PACA Foods, we stay on top of the latest trends in private label packaging to be sure that we are bringing them to our clients as well.