Staying Warm While Staying Within Weight

Fall is here and Winter is coming. With cold weather comes warm meals, and with warm meals comes, well, more meals. No matter who you are, many of us turn to food to keep us comfortable during these cold months.

Unfortunately, with comfort foods comes forth weight gain, which makes us uncomfortable. As the days get shorter and the skies get bleaker, we aren’t as energetic, which means we’ll likely be buying more packaged, pre-made, easy-to-cook, and stuffing food. Then, of course, there’s the holidays, which only feed the problem.

So how can you stay warm while staying in shape? Diet is doable, but exercise is excellent. Wellness is key, and the combination of diet and exercise are what create it. As mentioned, people are more likely to gain weight from eating packaged and pre-made food. Food sitting on shelves has to last longer, so it’s likely filled with more ingredients that will help it last longer. More sugar, more fat, more preservatives. All the kinds of ingredients you don’t necessarily need more of.

Deciding what goes into your meals is important, and you don’t always have to buy the ingredients yourself. Using dry-blend food like peanut powder actually is a great option for college students who need a high-protein snack without all the extras. Dry-blend foods allow for proper proportions and more creativity based on body size and daily needs, along with being shelf-stable for a lot longer than your regular groceries.

Winter doesn’t have to mean weight gain. Instead, you can keep a spring-break body all of this season!