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What Is Dry Food Blending? The Process and Benefits

The dry food blending process is receiving significant attention as more companies become aware of the importance of proper nutrition. Dry food blending is the process in which dehydrated food products are mixed to maximize nutritional value, taste and to develop unique products. When a qualified company handles this process, the resulting products are tailored to meet the customer’s needs, while offering a healthy alternative to processed foods.

Dry Food Blending Offers Customization and Versatility

One of the most popular benefits of dry food blending, outside of health benefits, is there are limitless innovative ways dry foods can be blended. There are companies that will help develop unique dry blends for private labeling. This can shorten the product development process drastically.

Dry Food Blending  Spans the Spectrum

When most people think about dry food blending, their minds immediately settle on foods such as spices and powders. However, dry blending extends well beyond to the entire spectrum of natural foods. Here is a sampling of foods that can be dry blended:

  • Spices and seasonings
  • Drink Mixes
  • Bakery Mixes
  • Batter Mixes
  • Dehydrated fruit and vegetable mixes
  • Breading
  • Savory blends

The ability to custom blend these types of foods opens up numerous possibilities, creating diversity and flexibility in the foods currently offered, as well as new products.

Preservation through Dry Food Blending

In addition to the health value and taste benefits, another advantage is the ability to preserve food for an exceptionally long time. This is extremely important for businesses who have to keep inventory, and to the individual who keeps a stocked pantry.

The dry blend and packing process ensures that these foods will have a remarkably long shelf life. Consequently, companies are able to purchase these foods in larger quantities without fear of spoiling and wasting inventory.

The Specificity Seals the Deal

Working with an experienced dry food blending and packaging company allows the customer to create specific, and truly original products. One of the most effective methods of impacting the taste of food is through the seasoning process. A dry food blending expert can help a company to formulate a blend that will provide the desired taste. There is no limit to the variations in which spices and seasonings can be blended. When you consider the versatility that can be achieved, it is easy to see why the popularity of dry blending is growing.

The Packaging Process

Although packaging is often an afterthought, it is a vital part of the process. No matter how well the blending process goes, if the packaging is substandard, the success of the entire process is compromised. This is why customized packaging has become a major part of the dry blending experience. Customers can introduce their own plan for packaging, or they can work with a development expert to design a package that is specific to their needs.

Dry food blending preparation allows food quality to be managed with greater effectiveness. When a company is looking to develop a new product, dry food blending broadens the spectrum and simplifies the process. PACA Foods offers a high level of expertise in dry food blending capabilities, helping companies create innovative and successful new products. Contact us today to find out more!