What it Takes to Get Your Private Label Food to Shelves

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for a more efficient way to get your private label foods on the grocery store shelves? Are you an existing business with a desire to start distributing your sauces, spices, or other food products, but don’t know how to begin mass producing your product? Using a contract packer, also referred to as a co-packer, may be the answer you have been looking for. Let’s look at how contract packers can get your products to the grocery store shelves quickly, efficiently, and at a good price.

How Can a Co-packer Get Your Products to the Shelves Quickly?

A well established co-packer, such as PACA Foods, has everything ready to mass produce your food products. From state-of-the-art facilities complete with the latest equipment, to trained employees that have the knowledge needed to produce and package your product efficiently; they can handle every aspect of the production process. Everything is completed as if you, the product developer, manufactured and packaged the food product yourself.

A Look at the Process for Private Label Products

When you hire PACA Foods, we will require specific information, such as your production needs, deadlines, and where the finished product needs to be delivered. We will then take responsibility for gathering all the needed ingredients and supplies necessary to produce and package your products. Within our facility, our employees will use our equipment to fulfill your order. After we have packaged everything according to your specifications, we will arrange for shipping. It is really that simple.

A Look at the Process for Getting Products on Grocery Shelves

While the process is essentially the same, a co-packer will provide any assistance you might need to convince grocery stores to stock your products. Packaging is a crucial part of your private label food product’s success. PACA Foods has experts that can help you come up with a packaging design that will help your product sell.

An professional, attention-grabbing design and package are crucial for success. Packaging using the latest structures and materials, as well as featuring colorful, eye-catching graphics that fit the brand and product are generally well-received by consumers. However, do not be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to packaging, especially if what you’re proposing would make it easier for the consumer to use and store the product. Whether you have an idea in mind or not, we can help you come up with a package that perfectly expresses what you want your product to communicate.

At PACA Foods, we have the ability to package retail, food service, and bulk products using everything from fiber drums to bag-in-box, shakers, plastic jars, and much more.

Getting your food product to the grocery store shelves can be difficult, especially from a production standpoint. Don’t let the inability to mass produce your product stand in the way of making your dream a reality. Contact PACA Foods and let us assist you in getting your products on the shelves.